Jake Paul Arrested For Looting & The Karen Invasion - H3 Podcast #193

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tsj 83
tsj 83 2 өдрийн өмнө
@1.56.30 Ethan correctly predicted the future.
tsj 83
tsj 83 2 өдрийн өмнө
Thank you to the viewer who alerted Ethan to the fact he always says "I" instead of " we " I love the guy , and all of H3 ,but this one thing really bothers me. Peace. .
COVID 7 өдрийн өмнө
1:28:20 You’re welcome.
Kaitlan Taylor
Kaitlan Taylor 9 өдрийн өмнө
As one of your few black viewers, I really appreciate you spittin those facts and sharing your opinions in the beginning of this podcast. No disrespect to them but sometimes it feels like a good portion of the audience you have lacks knowledge or even lacks an attempt at empathy towards black issues or racism issues in general. You and Hila sharing information on the subject at least helps some of your viewers open their eyes or at least try to understand because they respect your opinion. Much love to you, Hila and the rest of the team.
reinux 9 өдрийн өмнө
I think the correct framing to the "all lives matter" burning houses analogy is that there are twenty houses, ten houses on fire, seven owned by black people and three owned by white people, and all ten of those houses are in the shitty part of town while the other ten fires not on fire are mostly owned by white people in the affluent suburbs. You have to acknowledge that more black people are affected because of racism, but at the end of the day, you need to bring the fire trucks specifically to the poor parts of town. That's the nuance that's being lost by this stupid debate. It's not even the right question.
Justin Watson
Justin Watson 12 өдрийн өмнө
“All lives matter” is racist, full stop.
Iñigo 12 өдрийн өмнө
How can that be racist? It literally says all lives matter, i’ve came a cross a fair amount of racism or prejudices growing up , can’t count how many times ive been stopped & searched but i can’t help to notice many americans try to insert racism wherever they feel like to and even create their own definitions of what racism is, while it’s pretty clear what racism means . And this is standing in the way of progress
Alyssa Eileen
Alyssa Eileen 18 өдрийн өмнө
prisons destroy human LIFE there is no way around it they are inequality producers they REQUIRE slave labor
Nick Wood
Nick Wood 18 өдрийн өмнө
The keemstar sound bites are the best 😆
Isabel-Mae99 20 өдрийн өмнө
It upsets me that when people try to insult a woman, they always go for their appearance first. That being said, it isn’t even a good insult because Hila is so obviously naturally stunning. She could be a full on model- tall, thin, glowing. Good for her for blocking him - such toxic masculinity that no one needs
Freeway 23 өдрийн өмнө
After we watching this in November 2020 I realized this was the birth of AI Ian. This is when he broke his foot and they had to replace him with a robot.
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork 26 өдрийн өмнө
The reason it was controversial is because kids don’t know what blacked is but they do know about playstation and xbox.
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork 26 өдрийн өмнө
Thanks for saying it ethan
t l
t l Сарын өмнө
you a bad cop if you cannot checl your partner (montana of 300)
Mandi Smit
Mandi Smit Сарын өмнө
I learned so much from this podcast
Nebula Sergal
Nebula Sergal Сарын өмнө
I get bad asthma and i can wear a mask, these dumbasses making shit up
jaykwali Сарын өмнө
i love hila's reference to "it was just one tweet" from years ago @1:04:05
Vanessa Curry
Vanessa Curry Сарын өмнө
I unfortunately live in a small town in Pennsylvania so we probly won't get the small test for another year
Julia McLaughlin
Julia McLaughlin 2 сарын өмнө
Wii U got that virtual console tho
Brittany 2 сарын өмнө
i’m tempted to send this podcast to my parents lol i feel like they could understand the way ethan talks about blm
Coco Is Nuts
Coco Is Nuts 2 сарын өмнө
Hila is a gorgeous goddess and keemstar is a ugly gnarled old angry gnome. Also those horse pictures he sent are beautiful so I don’t see the insult...
Kyouko Toshino
Kyouko Toshino 2 сарын өмнө
No lives matter, unless you do something worth while.
Rylee Gates
Rylee Gates 2 сарын өмнө
I doubt ethan would ever see this but I disagree with a lot with what Ethan says this podcast but that is his American right to have a different opinion then me and thats okay.
Jim Pines
Jim Pines 2 сарын өмнө
Trump is such a Todd
DabeeT90 2 сарын өмнө
I worked at a clinic all summer and saw plenty of older people who needed to come in struggle to breathe while wearing their mask. Lung issues (Asthma, COPD, etc.) are real conditions that make breathing difficult or impossible while wearing a mask. Based on how basic masks work (paper and cloth), they don't prevent you from getting sick, they prevent sick people from getting others sick. The reason we wear masks is to protect those people who can't wear a mask, just like vaccines. The American Disability Act is what a lot of the anti-mask people cite when they say they are exempt from wearing a mask, but it only says they are eligible for reasonable accommodation (ex. Offering curb side pick-up shopping). While I agree that the Karens and Todds of the world are making life unnecessarily difficult for essential workers, I have to say that masks are not going to be the solution to making COVID-19 go away. It's a virus, so it will never go away just like how Chicken Pox is still here. If we let a virus control our lives no one will be allowed to LIVE anymore. The vaccine is only going to do so much and that's if it actually works. No vaccine is perfect and nobody is immune to death 🤷🏼‍♀️
Biology ka Gyaan
Biology ka Gyaan 2 сарын өмнө
All lives matter
Richard Casamayor
Richard Casamayor 2 сарын өмнө
Floyed died of fentanyl OD
Richard Casamayor
Richard Casamayor 2 сарын өмнө
BLM is a Marxist organization comparable to a fascist movement from Russia back in the day
Aezrel 2 сарын өмнө
Phony Tony
Phony Tony 2 сарын өмнө
146. Harry Styles (Only talented member of One Direction) - traitor. That shit had me dieing.
BurntArt I C
BurntArt I C 2 сарын өмнө
The analogy I heard was, "you go a doctor for a broken toe and the doctor suggests putting you in a full body cast because, "all bones matter :/""
TNWODISCIPLE 3 сарын өмнө
why does ethan seem so afraid of leafy, if h3h3 isnt guilty why wouldnt they reach out to him?
ro standish
ro standish 3 сарын өмнө
woah im 17 and my dad is older than ethans
Auto Continuu
Auto Continuu 3 сарын өмнө
It makes me angry that people actually watch Keemstar and go "This guy, this guy knows what's up"
Aidan5750 3 сарын өмнө
Flying a confederate flag doesn’t mean you agree with everything the confederates agreed with. It’s like saying if you fly an American flag you agree with everything that Trump does. It has different meanings to everyone.
coffeebeann1 3 сарын өмнө
28:29 ish when he speaks on the GF issues and relates it to the Catholic church. just moving pervs around the world acting like its okay.. YEP, great analogy. I've been grossed out by how certain ppl want to find blame to put onto him i see it as ...just another black man stereotyped. (sadly.) NO ONE SHOULD DIED. PERIOD.
H Godfrey
H Godfrey 3 сарын өмнө
Everything you guys spoke of in the first 40 minutes was true and I stand. Thank you for speaking up where most people are too cowardly to say anything. I have immense respect for you now. Immense. Thank you.
Cheese & Cheese
Cheese & Cheese 3 сарын өмнө
So, people think that wearing a mask will stop CO2 escaping? So do they know about partially permeable filters? Allows small particles, like oxygen and CO2, to escape but bigger particles like viruses to stay out? It’s simple education and I’m shocked that a teacher doesn’t know that.
_ Kat _
_ Kat _ 3 сарын өмнө
1:42:35 it’s Kyle
Moonari Lemurtails
Moonari Lemurtails 3 сарын өмнө
I've spent my whole life in South Carolina, it probably was not intentional but you made it seem like lots of us have confederate flags. I don't know about all of South Carolina, but in my town a confederate flag is rare, and whenever people see someone with one everyone just rolls their eyes and doesn't take them seriously. We don't give them attention because that is what they want but we are always conscious of them.
The Adams Family
The Adams Family 3 сарын өмнө
Black police. Boom shatters the first half hour of their very inaccurate opinion. Ps, huge fan. But please stop speaking like you live and know what's going on in our African American communities❤
Princess Quiet
Princess Quiet 3 сарын өмнө
Hila is out here spitting facts 👑
MEHOI 3 сарын өмнө
Sad to see Ethan, a man who once was very fascinated and invested in Jordan Peterson's thinking, agree with the Marxist narratives being pushed for the last few months.
aidan james
aidan james 3 сарын өмнө
All lifes matter
Zayden Trotter
Zayden Trotter 3 сарын өмнө
at least use the correct words man
ANGIE Rockbandlastname
ANGIE Rockbandlastname 3 сарын өмнө
If you don’t like being targeted and swatted for being Jewish, then don’t spread the hate by putting bounties on the heads of white woman. I am white and was assaulted by the cops at 14, and have seen many of my family members assaulted by cops. You speak for yourself Ethan. Go ahead and erase this comment if you want, you are a coward anyway.
xBwahx 4 сарын өмнө
1:06:54 What in the disney princess?
Bleach 4 сарын өмнө
19:40 No its not. 27:24 Wow. New piece of info I just learned. That just goes to further show how this was NOT a race driven incident. He had BEEF with George and did not like him for trying to step in. The problem is POLICE brutality. When the world starts focusing on that, I’ll support it.
ANGIE Rockbandlastname
ANGIE Rockbandlastname 3 сарын өмнө
Thank you.
Lauren 4 сарын өмнө
Cut that Keeps it in 👁👄👁
Tiff ABC
Tiff ABC 4 сарын өмнө
Please sound bite that " really " @ 1:11:33 🤣🤣
Dr.ShakeAndTheFelines !
Dr.ShakeAndTheFelines ! 4 сарын өмнө
😂👌Hila is a fucking badass👌😂 awesome 2:20:48 Edit: “keem doesn’t have the balls to say it directly to me” -Hila
PlanetZindy 4 сарын өмнө
44:30 Its a bike lane bro
MeliyBelly 4 сарын өмнө
for the PS5 I like buying the physical copy of a game. Idk i just like to have the game in my hands lol
MEGGIE A 4 сарын өмнө
Thank you for this. I’m canadian but there’s ignorance here too
We're no strangers to love
We're no strangers to love 4 сарын өмнө
I know this is my third comment but I STILL GOT SHIT TO SAY. People talk about how pride didn’t happen because of protests and covid. Truth is, the lgbtq+ community’s pride in 2020 was marching with our black brothers and sisters because we know what it’s like to be discriminated for years and years. We didn’t see black lives matter as a fun talking point, but the livelihood of a disenfranchised group of people. We know what it’s like, so our pride was joining a movement that we know well. Okay, that’s three comments. Peace out
We're no strangers to love
We're no strangers to love 4 сарын өмнө
“George Floyd wasn’t a saint” Okay. Does that mean he deserves to get his neck kneeled on for nine minutes, after supposedly using a counterfeit $20? The clerk should’ve taken it, and turned it in to the bank at the end of her shift like she’s supposed to instead of confronting him and calling the cops.
We're no strangers to love
We're no strangers to love 4 сарын өмнө
My mom saw pictures of cops beating protestors in the 60’s and said “Now that’s real police injustice” Bitch they doing the same thing and even worse now
NativeRambler 4 сарын өмнө
That nypd speech is so damn cringey
M M 4 сарын өмнө
I loved hearing Ian participate again!
Boneskullzy 4 сарын өмнө
"I'm really trying not to be political here" - Proceeds to make entire video about politics and one side of an argument
Angie T
Angie T 4 сарын өмнө
1:49:37 no, it is a good point
Angie T
Angie T 4 сарын өмнө
I still can't believe Ian found the love of his life through this podcast
Angie T
Angie T 4 сарын өмнө
I still can't believe Ian found the love of his life through this podcast
Jasmine Lynn Seegert
Jasmine Lynn Seegert 4 сарын өмнө
Only way I would get Netflix on my television is if they get rid of that damn Obama in that freakin Susan rice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍
- Velvet Crow -
- Velvet Crow - 4 сарын өмнө
I mean, Abraham Lincoln refrained from announcing the emancipation proclamation because he wanted to keep the union together... He was forced into action by the secession of the south and their attempt at taking fort Sumter which was US federal property. Should we take down statues of Lincoln because he failed to act on his own before this? no, he was honorable. So was General Grant E. Lee, one of the most tactical military minds of that time who sided with the Confederacy because most people sided with their states (Back then people were more biased towards their individual states instead of the whole US), should we take down statues of him? Should we take down the statues of all the founding fathers because they had slaves? no. It's all history and accomplishment whether those accomplishments are technologies developed by the USSR or peoples who helped fight enemies and allies alike. Those are the physical manifestation of history that serve as reminders. You don't remove H i t l e r from the history books because it will offend some people. Also the confederate flag thing is a bit split for me and not because of the "heritage" BS, but because if a flag is banned by the government as a result of protests and the governments put some regulations into place for this then what's to stop them from banning other things they may not like? I may be a bit paranoid but still, the patriot act is not all stripes and rainbows. Otherwise I agreed with many of you guy's other point, great video.
Travis 4 сарын өмнө
There is a video of a cop that is called to trouble home a lot. When the kid got violent with him he just said ok let's fight then if that is what is needed. He understood the fucked up nature of the community that fighting ends in respect (a lot of the times...)
That one Girl
That one Girl 4 сарын өмнө
Uhhhh Ian is astral projecting or even lucid dreaming
ReyFuego 14
ReyFuego 14 4 сарын өмнө
I would love to see Leafy to try and exist in today's current landscape, like the content that he was making would never fly on Twitch today and you have to adapt and overcome the fact that like you cant even curse now like I dont know.
frog drug
frog drug 4 сарын өмнө
I love how the lady is concerned about the children becoming anti-social overtime due to this pandemic when she should be worried about those kids developing respiratory health issues overtime due to climate change.
Plazik 4 сарын өмнө
Also at the 15:00 min mark, those same "Patriots" fly nazi flags and have started an alt-right group. The best generation who risked everything to fight nazis must be rolling in their graves
Giggity 4 сарын өмнө
Wii with Game Cube games was amazing but the Normal Wii is good the Wii U with game bad was kinda trash the switch is is amazing PC is amazing Xbox one and PS4 is decent
VelocityX 4 сарын өмнө
Ethan says don’t be racist but then says all cops are bad and all cops murder innocent people
VelocityX 4 сарын өмнө
Police officer have an expectation that they might die? What about criminals, they don’t have any risk when they decide to do illegal shit and become an enemy of the law?
VelocityX 4 сарын өмнө
Ethan is so liberal and tries to act like he is conservative but he listens to these bull shit statistics and unproven facts and can’t see the bigger picture
NeverMind Gaming
NeverMind Gaming 4 сарын өмнө
Sorry Ethan
hezi padama
hezi padama 4 сарын өмнө
Why does he roll his eyebrows so much just now noticing this
wildflower 4 сарын өмнө
He gets this comment like 1000 times a day
mandypdx 4 сарын өмнө
Thank you talking about BLM and enlightening your audience 💕💕
Kyle Crary
Kyle Crary 4 сарын өмнө
thomas elder
thomas elder 4 сарын өмнө
hela has a dead tooth
nehi yama
nehi yama 4 сарын өмнө
For me as a south Asian girl this was very educational. Thank you.
Veronie 4 сарын өмнө
Wow, MNpost never notified me of this episode, I'm just now seeing it.
Fiona Haines
Fiona Haines 4 сарын өмнө
Great conversation 🙌🏻
its 5k
its 5k 4 сарын өмнө
Good job Ethan proud of u
Ampwich 4 сарын өмнө
Kinda freaks me out a bit, working retail and constantly around customers not wearing masks. I feel like I'm putting my life on the line just by continuing to work my job....
Khaz 4 сарын өмнө
The flag part at 14:42 really struck me as off. I was born and raised in Mississippi and I know for a fact in the _modern_ day, the flag was flown as a flag to represent Mississippi, not as a flag of hate or slavery. I think people blew it way out of proportion and got mad over a trivial issue, that issue being the flag. I won't deny the history of the flag but dude. Its just a flag at the end of the day, its not *that* big of a deal in my opinion. But oh well, guess we have to change it now. Also, in my school. Nobody even really acknowledged the flag. Why? Because they and I don't really care. It isn't an issue to us anymore cause its a god damn flag. There's bigger fish to fry in the world than a flag. I rest my case. Also as a quick note, my family in the civil war owned no slaves and worked their own farm and shed their own blood, sweat, and tears. I really don't appreciate you overgeneralizing every white person in the South during that time as "awful people" and "white supremacists" because some, like my family, had no slaves and were hardworking people.
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 4 сарын өмнө
It’s not that big of a deal TO YOU. You don’t have to confront the history of that flag. When you see that flag, you are reminded of where you are from and your heritage. When a black person sees that flag they are reminded that for 400+ years their entire race was considered subhuman. Your feelings of not flying the flag are not equal to the feelings of black people having to see it. There are other ways for you to celebrate your own Heritage without causing pain to others.
Frankie-jean Moore
Frankie-jean Moore 4 сарын өмнө
36.17 - AND BREONNA TAYLOR the poor girl was ASLEEP. So appreciative to you guys for addressing ALL of the social/cultural changes right now.
Frankie-jean Moore
Frankie-jean Moore 4 сарын өмнө
1:17:20 every single person is an actor in that vid - they are quite literally doing their job :/
Carlos Serrato
Carlos Serrato 4 сарын өмнө
Where did you get that dope hat
kenzie brianne
kenzie brianne 4 сарын өмнө
"They're all there in solidarity completely missing the point"😆❤
its 5k
its 5k 4 сарын өмнө
Ur so hot
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston 4 сарын өмнө
it doesn't happen every week, less than once a year.
Trevor S
Trevor S 4 сарын өмнө
Love the podcast but Dan is 100% wrong saying the funeral Circumstances were different. His funeral was held during the peaks of the lockdown. It was a valid question.
RASKAL209 4 сарын өмнө
Dude get control of your f****** eyes
Pauline Conroy
Pauline Conroy 4 сарын өмнө
2:15:38 I would love to see him succeed in today's climate
Robert Cox
Robert Cox 4 сарын өмнө
When u say it's brutal and stuff in prison it actually depends on the maximum or minimum levels like it's a 1 through 5 level 1 being minimum which is more for setting people up for the outside world and maximum 5 would be like the worse condition and harder it is but yeah I agree with most of what u were saying and this was around the 12:00 minute mark
TheMilkMan 4 сарын өмнө
There is a national database for people killed by police. Yes police report people they kill, if you're talking about the unknown races those are from people who aren't registered citizens. Do some research. Only 100 people died from police in the last few years. You have a better chance of getting killed by a toilet.
Stephan Miron
Stephan Miron 4 сарын өмнө
I still DO NOT understand how GERMANS can fly the NAZI FLAG... Crap Typo! I meant, I still DO NOT understand how AMERICANS can fly the CONFEDERATE FLAG...
Fukai Kokoro
Fukai Kokoro 4 сарын өмнө
In regards to police brutality. It’s more of a SOCIOECONOMIC thing than a white or black thing. I grew up impoverished in a wealthy community, and experienced constant harassment and excessive force when not struggling like being slammed on the hood of a cop car. Handcuffs so tight I couldn’t feel my hands and they turned blue. We need to DEMILITARIZE the police. We NEED CITIZEN JURYS so if there’s a event 12 random people will be called and make a decision because the police can’t police themselves because that’s not fair.
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez 4 сарын өмнө
We already have citizen juries. Also how do you propose an unmitarized police deal with school shootings, bomb threats, terror activities?
Plazik 4 сарын өмнө
Absolutely agree. Not saying people of color don't have it worse, but it's mainly a class issue. The police are a security wing for the rich basically
Marissa Wasson
Marissa Wasson 4 сарын өмнө
tf Hila is hot 🤨 is keem okay
Mary Tompkins
Mary Tompkins 4 сарын өмнө
Black lives matter. And I agree with you and understand what it means now thanks for helping me to educate myself. When people speak out about their opinions, it helps me to build an opinion of my own. Keep doing what u do. 👍
Dawn Fizzle
Dawn Fizzle 4 сарын өмнө
I'm an hour into this podcast and havnt heard one word of what the title says lmao
Krabby LongLegs
Krabby LongLegs 4 сарын өмнө
Ethan has done blackface and hasn’t apologized
Nerd view
Nerd view 4 сарын өмнө
Just wow they hit every single point I been trying to make about BLM. He always nails it. I rarely ever disagree with him.
1boredom2strikes3 4 сарын өмнө
As an Israeli, Hila should really look more to her country and their treatment of those living in the Gaza Strip.
TM87 4 сарын өмнө
You genuinely educated me and changed some of my opinions on current issues with this podcast. Thank you for explaining things without screaming and spreading hate.
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